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Beauty Serum Sensitive

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Product information "Beauty Serum Sensitive"

Beauty serum pure and 100% organic for a silky and soft skin feeling. Insider tip for purists



  • a clear, odorless lipid, and is an essential component of the skin's own hydro-lipid film.
  • With about 15% it is one of the main components of the sebum of our skin. Sebum is our own grease, which ensures that our skin does not become dry and forms the hydro-lipid film on our skin.
  • it prevents the skin from dehydration and avoids the oxidation of the skin's own lipids.
  • is easy to apply and gives a pleasant feeling to the skin
  • improves the absorption of subsequent care products and transports active ingredients into the skin
  • feels velvety soft

This product is vegan.
Jar contains: 30ml

Allergic: Allergic & Sensitive
Fragrance: Fragrance free, Fresh fragrance
vegan: yes
Directions of use

The beauty serum can be used as a pure moisturizer: Simply spread a few droplets on the face, neck and dé colleté and, if necessary, gently pat in. Afterwards, use your usual skin care as needed. It can also be added to the day cream.

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To remove makeup from your eyes, apply a few drops to a damp pad and gently remove the makeup. This will already care for the tender area around the eyes while removing makeup.

Our highly concentrated beauty serum also restrains unruly and dry hair. The herbal squalane facilitates combing, gives a silky shine and makes thick and stiff hair soft and smooth. Not suitable for fine hair.


Ingredients: Squalane, Tocopherol, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil*
[* aus kbA]
(subject to change)

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Customer reviews for "Beauty Serum Sensitive"
9 Feb 2021

Tolle Pflege für empfindliche Haut

Sehr gute Pflege für empfindliche Haut. Ich dachte immer, das Öle meine Haut unreiner machen würden, musste aber feststellen, dass es doch andere Inhaltsstoffe bei herkömmlichen Cremes, usw. waren, die bei mir Unreinheiten verursacht haben. Jetzt bin ich super zufrieden. Im Sommer brauche ich nur zwei Tropfen vom Serum am Morgen, im Winter eher vier und manchmal noch etwas Creme. Ein Fläschchen reicht fast für ein ganzes Jahr!